School officials are partners with parents in the process of educating children.  Every parent, guardian and member of the school community shares in the responsibility of educating children in a safe and productive environment.


Sites like “WhatsApp, V Chat & Facebook” which are very popular do have their advantages.  However there is a time & place for everything in a person’s life.  School days are definitely not the right time for social networking.  School children do not understand the pitfalls & the troubles they may get into because of this.  All their personal details and information will become accessible to innumerable people.  The entire family may land in trouble because of this.  Information exchanged results in petty jealousy, heartbreaks, arguments and sometimes even fist-fights in the campus.  So the school is totally against students getting into Social Networking as in addition to the dangers they result in, they are a total waste of precious time for students.

  1. GENERAL :

Please encourage your child to be courteous and helpful.

Your interest in the child’s work would be of great value,

Please try to spend some time everyday with your child to know about her/his day in school.

Stay informed of your child’s ongoing achievement and progress.


Please ensure that your ward has a glass of milk and breakfast before coming to school.  All children are expected to bring proper lunch and water bottle.

Please see that your ward drinks plenty of water, at least eight glasses per day.

Ensure that your ward takes more grains, sprouts, vegetables, seasonal fruits & dry fruits and brings these for snacks too.

Junk food and aerated drinks can be avoided.


Your child is expected to bring books and notebooks according to the time table.  Till Class IV, it would be a good idea if you can help your ward pack her/his bag.

Before starting a new lesson the teacher will indicate the topic to the class and you may help your ward go through it once before it is taught in class.  This may help your ward to understand the lesson better.


In the academic year 2023-2024, parents are welcome to meet the Principal on any working day between 09.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. with prior appointment.  On 2nd & 4th Saturday, parents can meet the teachers between 11.45 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.

Apart from the above, if any parent wants to meet teachers, they can do so on nay day with prior appointment.

Parents coming to school for any reason whatsoever may please approach the main office for assistance.  You are requested not to go to the classes directly or contact the teachers or the heads without prior appointment.  Your o-operation in this regard is solicited.

Parent Teacher Meetings should be utilized as a platform to interact with the teachers about the progress of the child.

  1. TESTS & EXAMS :

Students are tested by various methods.  There will be two formal examinations, one in the middle of the year and another at the end.

A number of tests will be given according to a fixed schedule.  Tests will have to be answered in notebooks and examination on sheets of papers.  Parents may scrutinize the answer sheets.  One report in the middle of the year and another at the end will be given.


Tuition classes are unnecessary for the majority o students, when necessary, the heads will inform the parents.  No tuition may be arranged by parents without the knowledge of the school.


Keep the school informed of your current contact information by notifying the school of any change of address or phone numbers.

Changes required in transport may be sent in writing to the school office.

Any change in the routine of the school will be communicated to parents in writing or a message will be sent to the mobile phone.


It is a serious requirement  that the school has written record with evidence of a student’s absence.  Emails may be sent t the concerned Head but these have to be supported by hard copy of the leave letter when the child resumes classes.

In other cases prior sanction in writing, from the concerned Head is imperative, failing which the child will not be permitted to attend classes unless the parents meet the concerned Head.

If a child goes on Medical leave for more than two days, the leave letter has to be supported by Medical Certificate.


Any student reporting to the school with incomplete homework will be detained after school hours if the work is kept pending the next day too.  Parents will be notified about it.  They are expected to make their own arrangements to pick up their ward after the pending work is completed, on such days.