School Facilities

Sports Facility


The school accords highest priority to games, sports and physical training. A plot of land is developed as sports complex. Facilities are available for all indoor games like Chess, Badminton, Table -Tennis, etc. and field games like Foot ball, Cricket, etc.

The students are encouraged to participate in various activities and eventually choose their own event of specialization.

We have invested in creating the finest and most extensive sports infrastructure. The sports facilities are built to national specifications and provide a wide choice of sports and games. The sports faculty, comprising highly qualified and experienced instructors will endeavor to develop the finest sportspersons and teams who can win laurels for the school and the country.

Medical Facility


In our school medical facilities include like a counseling desk. Regular health campus and check-ups is part of the activities. Students with special needs are addressed separately.

The school has modern medical facilities supported by qualified medical staff. Facilities for nursing of common routine ailments and accidents are available 24×7.

There is Medical officer in school for proper health care and periodical checkup. in case of emergency and serious ailments arrangements are made with the Nursing Homes, where the services of specialist, surgeons and physicians may be secured, as necessary. These will, however, be at the cost of parents.